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  • Tuesday, 12 March 2020

Shivanaliya writes up-Shivanalay concept is a design by understanding the village women's limitations. Most of the village women know basic stitching. She wants to do this as an extra earning for the family by not disturbing her little money coming from farm work, or household work.

But she does not have a sewing machine at home. Shivanalya is a community platform where 3 to 4 machines kept in one place.

this place is an open library for swing machines, open for longer hours, so every woman from that village can come to do her switching work. This shivanalay is handled by 5 bachata gate woman organization head. Dr.Rekha Chuadhari brings a lot of work from the wellness industry to stitch bed runners, bed covers, handbags, etc, These items are used in the beauty and spa industry.